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48-144 Multicore FTTH Indoor Distribution Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable(GJFJZY)

Tags:Fiber Optic Cable

Intro:48-144 Cores FTTH Cable/Indoor cable/ Multicore cable/Distribution Cable/Loose Tube Fiber optic Cable

Parameter:FTTH Multicore Indoor Distribution Type cable for fanout or induct

Application:Telecommunications /FTTH /FTTX /LAN /WAN /CATV etc.

Product Details


Distribution Tight Buffer Optical Cable use 48~144 core 900μm or 600μm flame-retardant tight buffer fiber as optical communication medium. The tight buffer fiber wrapped with a layer of aramid yarn as strength member, then completed with a layer of PVC or LSZH material as out jacket.

Product Model:GJFJV

The cable fulfils the fire performance test of IEC332-1.


1. Multi cable design.

2. Multi cable with independent strength member.

3. Non-metal central strength member.

4. Fiber Counl:48~144


1. Connected to connectors of various models interconnect.

2. Ceiling laying surface laying etc.

3. Indoor level and vertical laying.

4. Backbone in LAN’s

5. Indoor /outdoor in ducts

6. Internal wiring/Fan-outs

Construction Data:

48-144 Multicore FTTH Indoor-1.jpg

Technical Data-Physical:

48-144 Multicore FTTH Indoor-2.jpg

Technical Data-Mechanical:

48-144 Multicore FTTH Indoor-3.jpg

Technical Data-Transmission:

48-144 Multicore FTTH Indoor-4.jpg