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TK-FOSC-V06 6 Ports Vertical Type Fiber Optic Splice Cosure(TK-FOSC-V06)

Tags:Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Intro:6 Ports Waterproof 240 Cores Vertical Fiber Optic Splice Closure for FTTH/FTTX

Parameter:Size:540mm×160mm,NW:4000g; cable diameter:Φ9mm~Φ25 mm; Capacity:240 Cores

Application:aerial, overhead, underground, wall-mounting, duct-mounting and handhole- mounting. The ambient temperature ranges from –40℃ to +60℃.

Product Details

TK-FOSC-V06 6 Ports Vertical Type Fiber Optic Splice Cosure (TK-FOSC-V06)

The scope of application is: aerial, overhead,underground, wall-mounting, duct-mounting, handhole-mounting. The ambient temperature ranges from -30℃- +60℃ . It could be used for both single core and ribbon fibers. If only install single core, it need 6 splice trays, each trays is 24 fibers; if need to compatible both single core and ribbon fibers, it only could install 3 trays, each trays is 48 fibers.

1. Advantage:

1.1    The closure can be used in duct, buried, overhead..etc

1.2    High quality impact material.pp and internal is ABS

1.3    Designed for ftth.

1.4    Fiber storage with big basket

1.5    Modular fiber management system

1.6    Cable diameter range: 9~25

1.7    Sealing way of cables:Mechanical seaing by silicon rubber

1.8    Quality warranty:2 years

1.9    Life span:more than 25 years

1.10  Ip rating is ip68

2. Specification:

(1)Model:TK-FOSC-V06 series of fiber closures


(2)Dimension of the closure:


Remark: on one oval port,it can be suit for 2 cables,which diameter can be from   8 mm to 26mm.The oval port can be used for    inline cutting.



Atmospheric Pressure:70kPa~106kPa

(3)Lifespan:more than 25 years

(4).Material:Higt strength polypropylene(PP)and ABS,which can assure any items of physical performance is excellent.